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The Jambalaya Band originated in the Summer of 2002 through the acquaintance of two musicians, Bob Kozak and Ed Gacek.
The combined sound of the accordion and the saxophone brought back to them memories of festive music and dancing from their country of origin, Poland.

During their brief association, their complementary abilities have produced a very exciting repertoire, featuring a number of original compositions.

Their performances encompass a wide variety of music ranging from Latin and European rhythms to Dixieland and Blues; altogether a very entertaining mix. The compelling sound of their band has been popular with the multicultural population in Vancouver's lower mainland and south of the border in Washington state and Oregon.
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J a m b a l a y a   B a n d   m u s i c i a n s :

Bob Kozak- lead vocals, keyboard, accordion 2002-present
Katya Kiselyova - back up vocals 2013-present
Slava Alexandrov - guitar, vocals 2012-present
Alexander Maier - saxophone 2013-present
Florian Botos - percussions 2014 - present

Asia Stec
- backup vocals, percussions 2011-2012
Tom Gould - Saxophone 2009-2012
Kevin Lee- trumpet 2006-2011
Steve Potter - tenor &  soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet - 2008-2009
Eric Weiden - trumpet 2008-2009
Brian Engstrom- tenor saxophone 2007-2008
Ed Gacek- vocals, alto & tenor saxophone 2002-2006
Justin Bayles - vocals, tenor saxophone 2006
Janek LeGrand - vocals, keyboard, trumpet 2003-2006
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